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Knife Gate Valve

Face to face dimension
Thin-typed FIFD(MSS Conformance)
Full-Lug typed with light weight
All made of stainless, high quality at low cost.

As per the name of knife, the knife gate valve has advantages to shut off water, various slurries, powdery materials, solid materials and pulp stocks, which are generally categorized as material being seemed difficult to handle.

In response to kinds / purposes of the fluid, the knife gate valve is extensively available in choosing one out of the following three materials: metal, teflon and rubber.

  Gear 250mm

Structure and Features

Structure and Features  
1.Flange-typed box made in cast steel
With a short length between pipes and the flange-typed box made in cast steel, the knife gate valve has advantages to be light in weight, space saving for piping operation and easy alignment. The box and yoke for the valve are made in stainless cast steel with property of anticorrosion. Suit to flange as standard: JIS 5K/10K.
2.Disc made in stainless
The disc is of stainless with thick board in which the both sides of the disc are processed as flat surface and the edge part of the disc is also processed in shape of knife in order to cut off the fluids like slurry or fibered material.
3.Raised face seat
With metal seat under the distinctive shape and structure, the knife gate valve has advantages to smoothly control even the material like slurry or liquid included small amount of solid material. With Teflon / rubber seat, the knife gate valve has advantages to completely close.
4.Disc guide
The knife gate valve includes a disc guide inside the box to sustain the disc as well as to retain its sealing property.
5.Cylinder rod
The rod is processed in chrome plating.
6.Gland packing
The gland packing is made of asbestos-free in order to effectively/securely seal.
7.Operational method
Handle (round) type, electric type, pneumatic type and hydraulic cylinder as actuator are available for the valve.

Production specification range ※We don't use harmful asbestos.

Suit to flange JIS 5K/10K、ANSI 150Lb others
Size 3B(80A)~24B(600A)
Intended fluid Pulp stock, mud water, slurry, fly ash, sludge, exhaust gas, sewage, plastic pellet, solid material
Maximum operating pressure 0.98Mpa〈10kgf/cm2
Maximum differential pressure 0.49Mpa〈5kgf/cm2
Pressure test 1.08Mpa〈11kgf/cm2
Operating temperature Metal seat 230℃
Teflon seat 150℃
EPDM seat 120℃
NBR seat 80℃
Material box SCS13
Body SUS304
Rod SUS304
Operational method Manual (round handle) type, electric type, pneumatic type, hydraulic cylinder type

※Please feel free to contact us in terms of special material as well as special specification.
※Slide gate made of steel plate in welded-structure is also available

※Please feel free to inform us in terms of the following specification
  •  Size

  • Suit to flange (JIS, ANSI, ISO)
  • Operational method: same as the above
  • Application (for on-off, for controlling flow rate)
  • Kind of fluid

  • Direction to be transferred

  • Impurities (kind or property if the impurities are included)

  • Operating pressure (normal / maximum)

  • Operating temperature (normal / maximum)

  • Accessories if necessary

  • Position for installation

  • Others

Electric-powered knife gate valve for rainwater treatment facility

Rainwater, Reuse
Box made of steel cast iron

Disc made of stainless

■Bonnet structure
Bonnet structure and rod seal method to enhance a seal property of gland packing
EPDM as material
Light weight by way of rack and pinion structure
With proper selection of actuator, the electric-powered KGV is available under differential pressure more than 0.5Mpa.     
  Electric-powered knife gate valve for rainwater treatment facility

Standard specification

Suit to flange JIS 10K
Size 100A~350A
Face to face dimension MSS SP-81 (Complied with table A1)
Maximum operating pressure 0.2Mpa
Maximum operating temperature 60℃
Operational method AC100/AC200V(Single phase)
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  • E-male form

Motion pictures

Bulk Handing Mechanical Loading
Motion pictures for bulk cement / fly ash carrier.
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