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Coal Handling System

We've invented a transport system for solid material carrier so that we have a competitive edge to propose a distinctive handling system for coal exclusive-use carrier.
While loading, the coal is designed to directly load onto cargo holds through shore-based cargo handling equipment.
While unloading, on the other hand, the loaded coal is designed to unload through a self-unloader comprised of a conveyor or other equipment.
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Our distinctive self-unloader is installed in the system.
※Generally, the self-unloader means to be the one of the coal handling systems installed onto the carrier without using the shore-based system.

With an improvement of operational efficiency and operational security in mind, our distinctive inventions are made all over the place in cargo holds in order to prevent an unnecessarily accumulated material with moisture.


Prior cases

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Motion pictures

Bulk Handing Mechanical Loading
Motion pictures for bulk cement / fly ash carrier.
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