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Commonly-delivered inquiries from the customers are as follows:
Please feel free to contact us if you have inquires other than the following ones.

How long will it take from an initial inquiry to the final delivery?open
We, basically, offer our customer 10 ~12 months as the entire period including a test run.
What is the minimum information needed to quote?open
Ship’s particulars, the details of the handling system (mechanical or pneumatic) , transportation amount such as loading / unloading capacity and the like.
What kind of carrier you are specialized in as a manufacture of cargo handling system?open
It depends on the content of the handling system though, we offer our customers the system for cement carrier, fly ash carrier, calcium carbide carrier and coal carrier.
Are you a manufacturer of valve only for vessel?open
We are a manufacture of valve not only for vessel but also for various places including plants and factories.
The territory in term of your valves spans to the overseas market now that we are inquiring about your valves as replacement having supplied abroad in the past, doesn’t it.open
We’ve made an effort to appeal our valves at home and abroad.
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Motion pictures

Bulk Handing Mechanical Loading
Motion pictures for bulk cement / fly ash carrier.
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