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Bulk Handling System

Since 1974, we’ve expanded our market from manufacturing & distribution of air slide for pneumatic conveyor to totally-engineering in terms of powder transport, self- loading & unloading system for cement / fly ash carrier including ground facilities such as silo and ship loader as well.

Powder transport system

Cargo handling system for powder cargo carrier  
We do design, manufacture and delivery in cargo handling system for bulk cement / fly ash.

Powder transport system for ground facilities

Powder transport for ground facilities  
We do design, manufacture and delivery for silo aeration system to be fluidized / transported the powder.
We do also designing, manufacturing and delivery for ship loader to be loaded the powder from the shore facilities to the carrier.

Air slide conveyor

Air slide conveyor  
Generally, the powder while aeration tends to fluidize like liquid due to less cohesion force among powder particles.
Air slide is to basically transport the powder from upper stream to lower stream inside the casing of the air slide inclined at an angle of 7 to 15 degree by utilizing the nature of the powder. Air slide is comprised the following two types: close/open-typed.
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