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Air slide conveyor

No. 1 in transport efficiency
Air slide conveyor for powder transport
Air slide conveyor…?
Generally, the powder while aeration tends to fluidize like liquid due to less cohesion force among powder particles.
Air slide is to basically transport the powder from upper stream to lower stream inside the casing of air slide at an angle of 7 through 15 degrees by utilizing the nature of the powder.
Air slide comprises the following two types: close typed / open-typed air slide.
Powder transportation (closed air slide)   Powder transportation (closed air slide)
○ Applicable powder
Cement in powder / fly ash / fine coal / coke in powder / calcium carbide / soda ash / collected dust / iron ore in powder / manganese ore / phosphate rock / silica powder / others
× Not applicable powder
  • Powder with large particle size, which is not likely to fluidize.
  • Powder with absorptive / adhesive property
  • The residual layer of the powder, which will not be allowed to decay.

Powder transportation method

The artificially-generated air (6KPa~8KPa) with small quantity and low pressure by turbo blower is conveyed into air chamber through air inlet of the air slide. The powder hereby commences to flow toward the lower stream inside the air slide under one’s own weight.

Method to be discharged powder

Open-typed air slide inclined at an angle of 7 through 15 degrees shall be installed at the bottom of hopper. Then, a small amount of air with low pressure (15KPa~25KPa) is conveyed into the air slide through air inlet of the air slide. The powder accumulated onto the canvas is hereby fluidized and then smoothly discharged from air outlet of the air slide under one’s own weight.

Structure of air slide

Air slide has a sealed integral structure sandwiching in the canvas with a function of ventilation between upper casing and lower casing.
The maintenance to the air slide is free that there is no movable part included in the equipment.
Furthermore, there is no limitation in terms of the transportation distance by sequentially connecting the fixed-length casing of 3,000mm as long as the inclination of the air slide is available.

Structure of open-typed air slide

The open-typed air slide is composed of steel plate casing with the canvas having a function of ventilation.
※Please feel free to contact us about the following specifications if you have any inquires.
  • Transportation amount (loading / unloading capacity)

  • Name of fluid
  • Moisture
  • Specific gravity
  • Particle size
  • Angle of repose
  • Hygroscopic nature
  • Fluid humidity
  • Corrosive nature
  • Abrasion property
  • Ignition quality