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Cargo handling system for
powder exclusive-use carrier

Cargo handling system for powder exclusive-use carrier  
We do design, manufacture and delivery in the handling system for bulk cement / fly ash.
The powder transport has rooted for exclusive-use carrier to be effectively bulked in which belt conveyor system and automated-pneumatic system are installed taking dust prevention into consideration.
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Simple structure, easy-maintenance / handling.
Vibration, noise and breakdown-free due to movable part not included in the system.

Operational cost and a cost of equipment are affordable due to a mass transport having made it possible during aeration with small quantity of low-pressure.
Footing stand/foundation work at low price due to air slide in light weight.


Inclination is vital factor in the system of which curved transport / separated line are therefore applicable as a part of transport form.

All equipment to be used in the system have perfectly-sealed structure under eco-friendly system being free of powder entrainment.


※Please note that the object to be transported in our system is limited the powder to be fluidized unlike the powder with moisture and large-particle size.

Conventional system

Conventional system  
The conventional system has been the most prevailed system across Japanese market by sanitary reason and easy-maintenance of which the conveyor is comprised chain.


Mechanical loading (air slide system), pneumatic loading


Mechanical unloading (flow conveyor + bucket elevator system)

Pneumatic unloading (flow conveyor + bucket elevator + blow tank system)

Pneumatic unloading (pneumatic-suctioned system)


High-speed screw system

High-speed screw system  

The high-speed screw system has been already popular system in overseas market and recently increased the demands in Japanese market, too. The operational sound is quiet and easy to customize at a low price.

Mechanical loading (horizontal screw conveyor system)
Mechanical unloading (vertical screw conveyor + air slide system)
Mechanical unloading (vertical + horizontal screw conveyor system)
Pneumatic unloading (vertical screw conveyor + air slide + blow tank system)
Pneumatic unloading (vertical + horizontal screw conveyor + blow tank system)
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