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Other Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Damper

Light Weight, Long Durability, Short Term Production, Low Cost and Flexible Material
Compared to forged product, it is not required to the cost of wooden pattern as well as many machinery processions. As a result, it enables you to freely choose standard, special and stainless typed alloy plate in accordance with a kind of the fluid or the condition to be used the fluid. 
丸型バタフライダンパー   角型バタフライダンパー    
Round type Butterfly Damper   Square type Butterfly Damper    

※We do design / manufacture in accordance with the fluid or operational condition.

Eccentric Steel Plate Welded Construction Typed Butterfly Valve, SE-8000

Secured Seal Property and High Operational Efficiency in being responded to bidirectional specification
SE-8000 is completely-sealed butterfly valve which comprises of eccentric and welded steel plate structure for condenser steam valve, turbine exhaust valve, cooling water shutoff valve like being used under the condition of low pressure.
The disc retains the secured seal property by minimizing a deflection to the surface of the disc.
In addition, the pressure loss of the valve is decreased and, on the other hand, the operational efficiency is enhanced by increasing opening space by 10% compared to the conventional lens type at the time of being made the disc fully open.
Metal touch butterfly valve is available even in high temperature region while rubber seat is out of use.
偏心、鋼板溶接構造型バタフライ弁 SE-8000


Rod: Dual partitioning rod with SUS403 and is available as standard in which that with SUS304 is also available responding to customer’s requests.
Shaft Seal: V Gasket (packing) with fiber contained CR rubber is available as standard including that with other material. Open bonnet-typed shape is standard so that enables to retighten the gasket (packing).
Bearing: Oil-free bearing made in free cutting brass is available as standard, which that in special resin is also available.
Rubber Seat: EPDM / FKM are also available in accordance with operational temperature. Replacement for seat ring is easily carried out by removing a seat cover and, on the other hand, a recondition through the leakage is also easily carried out by retightening the bolt for the seat cover
Disc: Biplane Valve with high rigidity. Opening area of the disc at the time of full-open position is 10% wider compared to that of conventional-typed disc.SS400 as material is standard, however, SUS304 as material is also available.
Combination of rod and disc: Taper pin combination in using same material as that of rod.
Body: Welding structure with SS400.Slide bearing: Made in bronze, which enable it to receive thrust load.
Slide bearing: Made in bronze, which enable it to receive thrust load.

Steel plate butterfly valve (SS-9100)

Housing-typed pipe fitting construction method.
SH-typed butterfly valve is the valve which has pursued light weight, space saving, low cost and operational improvement to a piping system of disaster preventing.
Compared to casting valve, internal spherical surface and external spherical surface are evenly combined while adding pressure. With unique seal structure, opening and closing torque is reduced in which driving part of the valve is also downsized.
鋼板製バラフライ弁 SS-9100

General purpose

  • For engineering work specific to temporal pipe
  • For water pipe construction specific to temporal pipe
  • For architectural disaster prevention specific to alarm valve, auxiliary of deluge valve
  • For check valve of connection water pipe valve, drain valve unit
  • For tunnel disaster prevention, drain water
  • For air conditioner / sanitary plumbing construction
  • For plant pipe


SH-10G-L   SH-10GF-G   SH-10F-L
SH-10G-L   SH-10GF-G   SH-10F-L

Standard specification

Size 50A・65A・80A・100A・125A・150A
Connection method Both groups, One group one flange type, Both flange type
Maximum allowable pressure 1.37Mpa(14.0kgf/c㎡G)
Pressure test 2.06Mpa(21.0kgf/c㎡G)
Seat leakage test 1.51Mpa(15.4kgf/c㎡G)
Operational temperature range -10℃~80℃
Standard material Body STKM13A
Disc SPHC+NBR lining
Rod SUM24L+Nickel-tungsten alloy plating
Operational method Lock leber type、Warm gear type
  • Rubber lining material of disc is made of NBR, EPDM and FKM due to operational condition up to 150 degrees as maximum temperature.
  • Top handle type, electric type, pneumatic type as operational method are available.
  • Body / disc in SUS304 as corrosion resistance are available.
  • High pressure type (1.96Mpa (20.0 kgf/cm2G) as maximum pressure) is available.
  • Ring / Shoulder type other than G type are available.
  • Please feel free to contact us in terms of special material as well as special specification.
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Bulk Handing Mechanical Loading
Motion pictures for bulk cement / fly ash carrier.
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